Guinea Pig Leashes | Do NOT Buy These!

Hello guinea pig lovers!

In this article I’ll be talking about guinea pig leashes, and why you shouldn’t get one for your guinea pigs.

What Are Guinea Pig Leashes?

Guinea pig leashes are, well, leashes for guinea pigs! More and more people have been “walking” their guinea pigs out on the street, completely oblivious to how bad it is for their piggies! It has been a cheap and easy way for pet businesses to┬ámake money off of what looks “cute”.

guinea pig leashes

Why They Don’t Work

As well as being bad for guinea pigs (more on that later), guinea pig leashes also just don’t work. What I mean here, is that the way guinea pigs bodies are shaped, they’re near impossible to put a leash on! A few years ago, when I myself didn’t know any better, I got one for my piggies and put it on Peanuts. He hated it and got out easily, with barely any effort (That was also the time he escaped while there was a snake in the backyard!).

The Reason For One Is Non Existent

There is absolutely no reason for a guinea pig to be on a leash. If you want your guinea pig to have floor/outside time, get some pet fencing and put it down for almost the exact same price!! Your guinea pigs will enjoy it 100x more, trust me. Many people end up getting one because it looks cute, but if they knew the health hazards, most would end up staying far away from them!

Want to take your guinea pigs on walks or out in public places? Bad idea, there are loads of risks taking your guinea pigs out, including dogs, fumes and pollutants, eating things they shouldn’t (cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizers etc.), and broken glass. Not to mention the loud noises and the fact that guinea pigs get stressed very easily and would almost certainly freak out going on a walk like that! Guinea pigs can also have a lower immune system because of stress, which may result in illnesses, and I’m sure no one wants to have to deal with a sick piggy!

guinea pig leashes

How They Harm Your Piggy

Guinea pigs are very sensitive creatures, and have very delicate bones and internal organs. As such, a leash can be seriously harmful to your guinea pigs as a leash pulls on two separate parts of the back, increasing the risk of breaking a guinea pigs back, or injuring it! Additionally, if too tight, a guinea pig leash can squeeze on the piggy too much, also having the ability to break bones and damage organs. Especially since your guinea pigs will most likely reject a leash and try to pull away, only to be pulled back suddenly, which could have terrible results. It is NOT a good idea for a guinea pig to wear one of these leashes. It is also possible for guinea pigs to break their legs on this.


Something many pet owners get wrong is that the more money spent on their pet means happier guinea pig/pet. While of course you will have to invest in the necessities such as the hutch, food, water, and bedding, this does not mean you should go out and buy stuff that is being thrown at you by the pet industry to make your guinea pig “happier”.

Guinea pigs are very delicate and need to be treated as such. Being in a lead puts far too much stress on them physically and mentally. You should also never take your guinea pig in public areas such as a shopping centre or a park, which could put a lot of stress on your guinea pig and can harm it. Additionally, 99% of the time your guinea pigs will escape with ease from the leash anyway.

I implore you to NOT buy these leashes that are promoted by the pet industry trying to make more money! They care nothing about your guinea pigs well-being and only wish to make a bigger profit.

What are your experiences with guinea pig leashes? Comment down below!

Thank you for reading, and for the love of guinea pigs, goodbye!

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