Guinea Pig Toys | 10 Easy D.I.Y Toys You Can Make for Your Piggies!

Greetings guinea pig lovers!

In this article I’ll be showing you 10 easy and affordable guinea pig toys to make at home!

Guinea pigs are very curious by nature and love to explore, so it’s always a good thing to give them toys to play with! These toys will entertain your guinea pigs, and in doing so will entertain you!

Toilet Roll Teaser Toy

This one is my personal favourites, as it’s so quick to make and all you need is an empty toilet roll, and scissors!

First, cut a few small holes in the side of the roll with scissors (you can do this easily by flattening it and then cutting the edges). Then, stuff it with grass, hay, herbs, or really anything that will stay in there and is edible! Make sure that there are bits of the food poking out of the holes and make enough for all of your guinea pigs so they don’t fight over it!

toilet roll guinea pig toy



Hay Ball

This is a very simple toy, and your guinea pigs will love rolling it around and eating it!

First, cut an empty toilet roll into rings. Then, put the pieces together to make a ball (this can be tricky), leaving an opening for putting hay or grass in. Lastly, fill it up with hay or grass and watch your piggies go!

hay ball guinea pig toy

Food Tree

This one will take a bit more time, but is very fun and rewarding to make! You will need an empty paper towel roll, scissors and some herbs and veggies (you can also include some hay or grass to make it last longer)!

First of all, cut holes in the side of the roll, then fill it with the food you picked, and make sure to stick some out of the holes! Your guinea pigs will love this toy and it will keep them entertained for ages!

food tree guinea pig toy

The Food Box

This one will require a small cardboard box (making sure it doesn’t have tape or any plastic on it), hay and veggies.

To start, cut of all the sides of your box except the bottom and three sides. Next, fill it with hay and hide pieces of veggies to make your piggies work for their food! This is very entertaining to watch and your guinea pigs will adore it!

the food box guinea pig toy

Hanging Herbs

Your guinea pigs will delight in using this toy, and all you need is some string, and a bunch of dill or parsley!

First, tie the herbs together in a bunch with the string and then you can either hang it in their cage or hold it for them! Make sure it’s not too high as your guinea pigs are supposed to reach it easily!

hanging herbs guinea pig toy

Paper Bag Toy

This will be a hit for your guinea pigs and lasts a while! You will need: A paper bag (Make sure it’s 100% paper), hay, grass and herbs or carrot tops!

All you need to do is cut holes in the paper bag, fill it up with the hay or grass, and add some herbs/carrot tops as treats, and you are done! Your guinea pigs will have heaps of fun using this and will love finding the occasional treat in their toy! You can also put it sideways without the holes for them to forage.

paper bag guinea pig toy


This one is perfect if you have a loft or somewhere to hang this in your guinea pigs hutch! All you need is a piece of cloth, string and some scissors!

First, measure your hanging area and cut your cloth to size. Then, cut it into strips and cut small holes in the top of each strip. Next, thread the strips through the string and hang up! Your guinea pigs will enjoy running through it and as a bonus, it helps keep it dark, so the guinea pigs will love hiding behind it and will feel very safe!

You can also take your piece of cloth and cut it into strips, but making sure it’s still connected at the top. This will save having to string the strips! Then you can attach this curtain by either Velcro strips that you can get from Spotlight or some other store, or glue.

curtain guinea pig toy

Paper Towel Roll

This one is relatively simple to make, and doesn’t take too much time! What you will need is: An empty paper towel roll, a lot of empty toilet rolls and dried herbs, or herbs.

First off, you want to begin flattening your toilet rolls and putting them in your paper towel roll, on both ends. Then, fill all the gaps with the herbs and watch your guinea pigs play! This will be a bit more challenging for the guinea pigs to get into and as such will last longer! Make sure the herbs are sticking out of the roll so that it isn’t impossible for your piggies to get their food!

paper towel roll guinea pig toy

Veggie Tree

This one is a little more difficult to make, but is still a simple and fun toy for your guinea pigs to play with! You will need: An empty paper towel roll, some safe twigs to eat (Always check whether something is safe to eat for your guinea pig before feeding it to them), and some sliced veggies!

First, cut small holes in the paper towel roll, making each one opposite to each other on the other side, and push the twigs through, so that they come out the other side of the roll as well. Then you want to stick some veggie slices on the end of the sticks. Your guinea pigs will love using this toy and will have a great time nibbling the twigs!

Veggie tree guinea pig toy

The Tissue Box

This one is simple and can be made with a used tissue box, some string and a piece of cardboard!

Firstly, you want to cut the cardboard so that it covers the gap on the tissue box. Then, poke two holes in the cardboard and, putting one end of the string through the bottom, tie it using a double knot, and doing the same with the other end, making a handle. Lastly, fill the box with treats! Your guinea pigs will have to lift the lid to uncover their food, which makes this a great toy for puzzle solvers!

tissue box guinea pig toy

And that is the list of easy D.I.Y guinea pig toys!

Final Words

Guinea pigs need to work their brains and explore as it keeps them active and healthy, and as we all know, a healthy piggie is a happy piggie! I hope you enjoyed this article, comment on your favourite toy!

And for the love of guinea pigs, good bye!

2 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Toys | 10 Easy D.I.Y Toys You Can Make for Your Piggies!

  • Hi,
    Wow who knew that guinea pigs need to play and be active. What a great post. I really like how you break down exactly how to make the toys step by step. That is great. While reading your post, I learnt so much about guinea pigs that I didn’t know. Good job.!

    • Thank you for your feedback! I am happy that I taught you something about guinea pigs! Yes, it is very important for guinea pigs to play as it keeps them fit physically and also provides entertainment for them! If a guinea pig gets too bored, it can develop unhealthy habits like biting, so it is important for them to play and explore!

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